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Golf and Fitness: Get Stronger and Better this Off-season
By: Dawn Pentesco

Dawn Pentesco, LPGA Teaching Professional, Certified Personal Trainer

Well it looks like winter is creeping in and what a great time to get in shape for golf. Most have put the clubs away until their golf trip or next spring but I encourage you to continue working on your game with your LPGA or CPGA professional and at the same time work on your golf fitness.

Often I see golfers who complain of lower back soreness, forearm issues and/or tightness in the hamstrings. Consider strength training with a certified professional this winter to work on the muscle groups primarily used in golf and especially your weaker areas. For example, for forearm strength and to improve mobility in the wrists, try this: take an iron and grip it with one hand while you are standing holding the club at your side. Try lifting the club repeatedly by hinging or cocking your wrist 15 times in a row with your thumb pointing to the sky as you raise the club. The toe of the club should point to the sky. If you feel burning after several tries, great. Keep going. Do this with both hands.

For back strength, there are many great strength training exercises. Try dead lifts (again see a professional to ensure proper technique) and rowing with the cable machine. Since legs provide the stability in your swing consider adding front squats (a great power lifting move; after all isn’t golf an explosive sport?) and lunges to your exercise regime.

As in life, balance is everything so incorporate some flexibility exercises into your exercise program to ensure optimum results with your golf game.

Dawn teaches golf throughout the year at Family Golf Oakville and trains clients at Studio B3 Fitness in Mississauga. To reach her please email or by cell 416-420-3204.