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My name is Cathy Williamson, and I am very excited about the opportunity to share nutrition tips with you on the Links for Women website. As a Sports Nutritionist, I work with athletes of all levels to ensure that they are obtaining sufficient calories, nutrients, and energy requirements to fuel their athletic performance.

In my work with Clublink and the Canadian Junior Golf Association, I discovered that there is a lack of clear, concise nutritional information available to golfers. My new book 'Top Ten Nutrition Tips for Golfers - Nutrition Strategies to Lower Your Handicap', provides golfers of any handicap a practical, common sense approach to nutrition and hydration which will not only aid in lowering your score, but improve your overall health as well.

For a copy of my book, or information on personalized nutritional consulting, contact me at , or visit my website at

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By: Cathy Williamson

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