Golf: The Mental Game

Meet Corey

Corey McCusker

My name is Corey McCusker, and I am a mental performance coach, motivational speaker and contributing author of the book "The Power of Women United." I am also certified as a master practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques ™, and hypnosis. I have assisted many people in supercharging their sports performance and developed a program for athletes "Master the Mind, Master the Game," which helps athletes sharpen mental focus, release and control emotions, create positive imagery, utilize visualization to have successful performances and build confidence and motivation.

Prepare to play your best game!

By: Corey McCusker

Have you been out playing yet? I have and love it! The first few games were a little rusty but I have practiced and now prepared both physically and mentally. Some people just prepare themselves physically and forget the mental aspect. In order to play well you need to get in a good mental performance state. It’s part of your pre-shot routine. Your pre-shot routine is a time you plan, prepare and think about what you are going to do for each shot. Your pre-shot routine is when you park those judging thoughts that can get in the way of a great swing. You should be thinking and feeling all those great shots prior to hitting the ball to set yourself up in a good mental state of mind.

Sometimes there are things out of our control that affect our game and we need to realize what we can and can't control. Some of the things we can't control are:

  • Weather
  • Speed of play as others are involved
  • Pin placement
  • Lies
  • Our past shots
  • Course conditions

We have to focus on what we can control and that is:

  • Our emotions
  • Our equipment
  • Our attitude
  • Our decisions and commitment to our game
  • Our pre-shot routine

Here are some tips to set up mentally for each game:

  • Focus on your goal i.e. is it to play a certain course, perfect a certain shot, change a part of your game(grip, stance, club)
  • Think about the process necessary to achieve your goal forget about the results during this stage.
  • Imagine your goal occurring and you are successful with each shot
  • Stay committed to your goal, be clear and focused
  • Breath and relax before each shot
  • Be confident and release doubts and judgments
  • Greet each shot as a new one and let go of past shots
  • Play and have fun

Preparing for each shot takes practice and patience.  Consistency in your routine will produce the results you want.

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