Golf: The Mental Game

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Corey McCusker

My name is Corey McCusker, and I am a mental performance coach, motivational speaker and contributing author of the book "The Power of Women United." I am also certified as a master practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques ™, and hypnosis. I have assisted many people in supercharging their sports performance and developed a program for athletes "Master the Mind, Master the Game," which helps athletes sharpen mental focus, release and control emotions, create positive imagery, utilize visualization to have successful performances and build confidence and motivation.

My Game Got Washed Out! Too Cold To Play!

By: Corey McCusker

What do you do when your game gets washed out by the rain? What about when it’s too cold in June or July and it prevents you from playing?

The nice weather arrived well, I thought it did. I am amazed at the number of rain storms this year and a few days it’s even been cold with high winds. What do you do when this happens? Get inside and keep dry and warm and then work on your golf game.-your mental game that is! Weather is unpredictable and may prevent you from playing just like an injury may. Most golfers spend their time outdoors at the range or on the fairways which is where they should be. When the weather stops the game of golf many golfers forget there is another aspect of their game that can help them improve and they can be focusing on then. Great golfers will tell you golf is a very mental game and taking the time to visualize and imagine your best performances will help you when you get back on the greens.

Some people tell me they don’t know how to visualize their performance. Have you ever day dreamed about a vacation or an item of clothing or a car you’d love to buy? I’m sure there was a time that you visualized or imagined something you wanted to do or a time in the past you relived a great experience through your imagination. Visualizing and imagining your perfect shots takes practice but once you learn how to do it you will see how easy it is.

Some tips on visualizing:
• Take 5 minutes a day to practice
• Let yourself relax just by taking a deep breath
• Shut your eyes
• Try to imagine a place you usually golf-what does it look like, how it smells, how it feels when you are there
• Imagine the people there
• Imagine your warm up, the look and feel of the club in your hand and the hole you are playing
• Imagine yourself performing the shot from the time you walk up to the ball to finishing your swing and the ball landing
• Once you get use to visualizing you can focus on certain techniques and different shots to perfect them in your mind

See it and believe it and make it happen!

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