Golf: The Mental Game

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Corey McCusker

My name is Corey McCusker, and I am a mental performance coach, motivational speaker and contributing author of the book "The Power of Women United." I am also certified as a master practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques ™, and hypnosis. I have assisted many people in supercharging their sports performance and developed a program for athletes "Master the Mind, Master the Game," which helps athletes sharpen mental focus, release and control emotions, create positive imagery, utilize visualization to have successful performances and build confidence and motivation.

Remove doubt and learn to TRUST!

By: Corey McCusker

Golf can be complicated and your thoughts can get in the way of great shots.  I’ve been coaching a lot of golfers lately preparing for tournaments and the thing that pops up the most is “lack of trust” in their ability to perform. TRUST IS A BIG PART of playing golf.  You practice, practice, play and when you get it right it feels great and it all comes together.  When you are learning the game your head will be filled with many mechanics and tips. The more you play, the more you learn and the more you can enjoy your game. With golf you figure out each shot and decide what to do and when to do it.  Sometimes the mind gets in the way of your body and it effects your game as your mind will overthink, doubt or get nervous. When a shot goes wrong doubt can enter into your game.  Nerves are a common part of golf no matter what level you play at.  Learning to trust your ability is a mental skill necessary to deal with the nerves and doubt that can enter your mind during play.

Some things that can play a factor in your mental performance and doubting your shot can be:

  • Overthinking about the mechanics and the how-to
  • Trying to control the action too much
  • Allowing nerves to take over

What do you do to be confident in your ability and keep doubt and mistrust out of your play?  Here are some mental performance errors and tips to regain trust:

Over thinking each shot

Focus on one or two key thoughts or concentration words i.e. swing through, straight posture, head down versus the entire mechanics

Trying to control too much

  • Relax and play a casual round
  • Learn what works for you and stick to that
  • Release control and relax by focusing on a word or your breath when you hit

Allowing nerves to take over

  • Breathe and relax before each shot
  • Focus on a positive intention
  • Focus on your routine and each shot versus your thoughts and the outcome

Learning to believe and trust in your game comes with time and practice. Once you do your confidence grows and you remove doubt so you can enjoy your game of golf!

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