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The Bump and Run Shot By: Greta Borsellino

Greta Borsellino When you are playing on the greens that are soft, they will easily take a pitch shot. But if you play on dry, more firm greens you’ll need a bump and run shot. This shot rolls the ball to the hole eliminating more of the air time. A variety of clubs can be used depending on how far the pin is from you. In any case, you play this shot like a putt, only using an iron rather than a putter.

Your set up will be a little different, more of your weight will be on your front side, your hands will be set ahead of the ball (hands inline with your front thigh) and the ball position will be set back in your stance. The key is to visualize the shot just as you would a putt. This shot will have little backspin and will roll and roll. This is a great shot to have in your bag!

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