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Putting is key in your golf game! By: Greta Borsellino

Putting Is Key

Your putter is the most important club in your bag. You'll use it more in any round of golf than any other club. A hot putter is what make a champion! The following are some points to becoming a great player:

1. A Positive Attitude: Don't be afraid of the green. Good putters love to putt. Believe in your skill. Confidence comes from practice.

2. Feel: Controlling your speed is most important. The line you choose is also affected by the pace of your stroke. If the speed is off the putt won't hold the line. Distance and direction are the only things that affect a putt.

3. Stay Focused: Once you set up for the putt, keep your eyes on one spot of the ball during the stroke and after the ball has gone. Your brain controls eye movement - that ties into your shoulders, arms and hands. Eye movement during your stroke is a guarantee that you'll loose your line. Listen for the ball to go in the hole!

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