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Misleading Myths By: Shelley Woolner

Shelley WoolnerWe’ve all been there. The victims of unsolicited advice while on the range or playing. Golf is the one sport where everyone seems to be an expert!! But be aware! Someone may be misleading you with a myth of the golf swing that they too have heard from someone.

These “myths” have been around for decades and are “beliefs” rather than fundamentals of the golf swing. The following are some of the most common as well as my favourites.

Keep your head down!!

For improved consistency, focus on your head remaining still throughout the backswing, downswing and follow through. Regard it as being the center of your swing.

Keep your eye on the ball!

So you “whiffed” it! Does it really mean that you didn’t keep your eye on the ball? Maybe? Maybe not. You must get the clubhead back to where it started though. it’s easier to achieve this when focusing on the proper contact point which by the way, is not the entire ball, nor the top of the ball, but in fact the back center of the ball. Trust me! You can stare at that ball and still miss it! A little more focus on the back center and improving your eye hand coordination will definitely help. Plus, the botton of the swing when the ball sits on the ground is the grass below and past the ball. Make contact and focus on the bottom of the swing.

Snap your wrists

Whoever came up with this one should be shot. Snapping your wrists WILL NOT increase your distance!!!! Wrist snapping will result in loss of power since the club head will more likely be ahead of your hands at impact. This position known as the “death” of the golf swing! Ideally you want the clubhead to follow your hands through impact to increase compression. The timing of setting angles and their release is vital to sound golf swings, whereas snapping your wrists – is not!!

Left brain? - Right brain?

When’s the last time that you unzipped your skull and removed either the right or left side of your brain because you didn’t need it to execute a specific function? Of course you need both sides of your brain to perform an acquired skill. It’s to be expected that one side or the other may be more active at different times. But they both have a job to do!

Inside out

Let’s get one thing straight! There’s no such desirable path as “inside to outside”. Never should the club head be travelling outside the target line after impact. to draw the ball, the club head must return square to the target line from an inside path. a more correct phrase would be – “from inside to square.” Start seeing the swing path as an arc, rather than a straight line.

It’s actually fun to talk about the “myths” because we’ve all heard at least some of them. However, be aware of the next “tidbit” of advice that you receive – it may be a “myth”. Besides, isn’t it a two stroke penalty for giving or receiving advice?

Shelley Woolner
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