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Halfway To Control By: AJ Eathorne

When practicing on the range, I focus on making three-quarter or half swings. Many people over-swing and get long with their backswing and this can cause many things to go wrong including sliding of the hips, crossing the target line, and tempo problems.
Start with your wedge and hit it with a swing that you feel is half the normal swing. By doing this, you stay much more connected and you have to focus a lot on your tempo. There is less time in a short swing for things to go wrong. Also, you will probably hit the ball just as far because there are not all those extra moving body parts.
Your concentration is solely on making great contact with the ball and accelerating through the shot. Practice this with all of your clubs including your driver. By taking a shorter swing during practice, you are training yourself to have more control when you head to the course.
Good tempo and a compact swing means more fairways and greens hit.

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