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Building a solid putting stroke By: Jeremy Taylor

Golf PuttingPutting is the one part of the game where I see many different approaches. Whether you have a square or open stance, regular or cross handed grip, short or long putter, the bottom line is to get the ball in the hole. The most important goal with putting is to create a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. If a consistent stroke is achieved, you will find a new level of confidence over the ball, thus helping you to make more putts. However, practicing putting is often forgotten about. The key to generate interest in practicing your putting is to make your practice more challenging and enjoyable. Try this little drill to improve your consistency, and build confidence in your putting.

Starting with two or three foot putt’s, take ten balls and place them around the hole in a circle. If you make them all, do the same thing a foot further from the hole. Work on this drill until you are 10 feet from the hole. If you miss stay at the same distance until you hole them all. At home you can also work on putting. Place two dimes ten feet apart and practice rolling putts to the dimes. Putting to a smaller target will breed consistency and confidence in your stroke.

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