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Target, Target, Target!
By: Dawn Pentesco, LPGA Teaching Professional


Often the target gets missed when we practice at the range or we take for granted that we are aimed correctly to the target. Next time you head to the range, try this drill.

First, pick your target: a flag or hydro pole or tree you wish to aim to. A good way to practice to ensure we are aimed and aligned for our target is to place a tee (long ones are great for this) three or four feet along your target line in front of your ball in the ground. Also, to help connect the dots through your target line, place another tee along this line three of four feet behind the ball. With every shot , ensure you start aimed for your target ensuring your clubface is square through the imaginary lines you have created with the tees and your ball. Also, be mindful of your body and ensure your feet, knees, hips, chest, shoulders and head and eyes are parallel to the target line.


To take this target drill to the course, pick an intermediate target in front of your ball for all your shots; a leave, old divot, brown patch of grass a few feet in front of your ball to help you aim. The idea that you are focused on target is also great for your mindset and hopefully reduces the number of mechanical thoughts during your game that can interfere with your game.

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