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Posture Perfect
By: Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk


The most common posture fault is having a hunched back in set up. Many people watch TV or sit at the computer without a perfectly straight back. They sit relaxed, with shoulders slightly rolled forward and a curve in their spine because it feels comfortable.

For golfers that work in an office or have a desk job, you could be sitting in this position upwards of 8 hours a day, therefore, this “hunched” back becomes “normal”. Thus, when many players go to set up for the golf swing, when they address the ball their shoulders roll forward and there is a curve in the spine because it feels comfortable. (Image #1)

Having a curve in your spine will limit your ability to make a good turn. To make a proper swing it is imperative to have a straight flat back in set up. Your torso is able to turn effectively when it can rotate around the axis of your spine. If your spine is hunched it restricts your mobility. When it is flat it is easy to make a good turn. The ability to turn is what will create coil and torque in your backswing and will help you add distance to your game.

An easy way to help you set up with perfect posture is to stand up nice and tall, shoulders back and feet shoulder width apart. (Image #2) Keeping your shoulders back and back flat, bow only at the waist. (Image #3) Once you achieve a 45 degree angle stop and then slightly bend your knees. (Image #4) I like to refer to it as cracking your knees. If you bend too much you get into a sitting position. You only want to slightly bend (crack) your knees. This simple set up will make it so much easier to rotate around your spine. (Image #5)

Practice doing this drill every time you set up to a shot whether it is an iron shot, hybrid, fairway wood or driver. Continue to practice it until it becomes a habit to set up with a flat back at a 45 degrees angle and slightly bent knees. To emphasise the difference try setting up with a hunched back and turning. Note how far you are able to turn, then try it with your new posture setup and see if you have increased your rotation. I bet you will be amazed at the difference and thrilled with the result!

Lisa is 7-Time Canadian Long Drive Champion currently ranked top 5 in the World. Lisa is a Golf Entertainer at corporate tournaments, keynote speaker at conferences and meetings and a golf journalist. She can be reached through her website at www.lisalongball.com or follow Lisa on Twitter @lisalongball.

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