Equipment 101

The Basics

How many clubs can I carry in my bag?

14 clubs total : 1 putter + 13 clubs, a combination of woods and irons.

What is the difference between an iron and a wood?

Woods are larger in size and are used for longer shots, such as shots off the tee. Irons are smaller and have more of an upward angle, or loft ideal for shorter shots requiring more precision and finesse.

What do the numbers on the clubs mean?

They basically indicate how much or little loft a club has. The lower the number, the further the ball with travel as it has less loft. For example a 5 iron will travel lower and further than a 9 iron that will travel higher and shorter. So you can categorize irons with lower numbers as long irons (they travel further) and irons with higher numbers as short irons (they travel shorter).

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is just that, a combination of two clubs, a wood and a long iron. A hybrid is a great club because it gives you the accuracy of an iron, but is easier to hit, like a wood.

What club should I use in the sand trap?

When you find yourself in the sand, use a wedge, a sand wedge if you have one. Wedges are part of the iron family and are highly lofted clubs that allow you to get the ball up in the air and out of the sand. Remember to rake the trap when you are finished!

What equipment other than a golf bag and clubs do I need to play?

There are a few basic items that you need. Be sure to carry lots of golf ball and tees, a glove, ball mark and a divot repair tool.

What kind of ball should I use?

When buying golf balls, women should look for ladies specific golf balls. These balls will feel soft and comfortable when you hit them and will help you get the ball in the air. They even come in fun colours!

Is there a limit to the number of golf balls you can carry in your bag?

You can have as many golf balls in your bag as you like. One thing to keep in mind for walkers who either carry or push their bag, the more golf balls you have in your bag the heavier it might be for you on the golf course during your round.